Kids Party in the Daytime? The Bubble Blizzard(TM) Show is great for Kids of all Ages!

I make tons of bubbles for the kids to chase and pop. A big lawn area and a breeze makes this show awesome :-). Works good anytime of day in most any air quality. Bring a moist rag to wipe the bubbles off the faces. For kids under about 2 years old that don't know to close their eyes and mouth when bubbled upon, this is best viewed from a little distance. Mixed ages has some risk as the bigger kids go crazy and could trample smaller ones. There will be rules the kids and parents must agree to: No throwing anything, no pokey things like sticks (not even soft "safe" things) and no crowding the bubbler (I'll mark out a small off-limits zone near my bucket to avoid accidents)

Bubbling Lessons

If you want someone to learn to bubble, see the "Teaching Big- and Smaller- bubbling and ..." section in the main text and see prices below


Ways to contact me to schedule a show:

The fastest way to reach me is usually to private message me on Facebook at R Kelly O'Neill

alternatively, Email is often pretty fast: bubbleman@

A last resort: My farm's answering machine at 541 7foursix Fore Fore 44 is sometimes difficult but should work if you press "3" when it starts talking to you.

Bubble Show pricing can be seen in the PayPal options below. To schedule one of the "big bubbling" shows, See "Scheduling a Big Bubble...Show" in the Main text (middle). Then contact me for amount details. Pricing is similar to the other shows plus like $20 if it is pre-sunrise.

Payment is due before the performance and can be paid by credit card, check or cash.

Credit Cards: You can use a credit card through the PayPal buttons below.

Basic Show Pricing: (Subject to change at any time)

Length of Show (or Total Bubbler Hours if multiple bubblers)
Type of show expected
Short Comments or Request?

Distance charges If needed ($1 per Mile over 5 miles from Eugene or Springfield Oregon):

Distance Charge
Teaching Bucket Charge
How many to be used at once

Please ask about Purchasing Wands and Bubble Mix for delivery to your event before paying for them.

If available:
Wands for sale?
Short Comments or Request?

Bubble Mix Concentrate? "Bottles" get added to one gallon of drinking quality water and work good for Big Bubbling if good air. Gallons are not currently available and I don't know their price yet.

Bubble Mix Concentrate

Check: If a check is preferred, checks are made out to "Kelly O'Neill" and can be sent to:

Big Bubbler at
Wet Rock Gardens
2877 N 19th St.         Springfield, Oregon 97477

Please include the date of your party on the check or enclose a note.

Cash: For an advance cash payment, please contact us for directions and a time when someone can receive it.

Day of Show: Full Payment is due before the performance and can be paid by credit card, check or cash. If paying by credit card, please use the PayPal Button above at least 24 hours before your event.

Cancellation Policy: All dates are considered definite at the time of phone or email confirmation. If you are not sure of your plans you can ask to "hold" a time for up to 48 hours. Please confirm or release within this time. We will automatically release the hold after the 48 hour holding time. Once a time and date is booked, all other jobs that come in will be planned around your party. In the case of extreme emergencies (child in emergency room, etc.), special arrangements can be made to reschedule without penalty or loss of deposit.

Heavy Rain: Our Shows are usually outdoor events. Small droplet showers are probably a great thing for the bubbles. If the droplets are large, they can pop bubbles. A covered area can help, I can try to bubble between showers or for local area shows, if rain seems likely the day before the show, I can postpone the show if you request it by 8pm the evening before. For all shows, I'll be watching the weather and will try to find a way to make the show happen or work with you to set a new date and time. You can also request reserving two dates in advance for a backup "Rain Date".

A few Bubbling Dangers

Big Bubbling into automobile (or even airplane?) traffic can be dangerous if it spooks or distracts a driver. A bucket of bubble mix is also the perfect drowning trap for very small children. I will try not to allow these or the Bubble Mess issues (see right sidebar) to become a problem.

Anytime Ambiance or special effects Bubbles for situations Where Kids going crazy chasing the Bubbles is not the main goal?

Big Bubbler is great for weddings, musical events, showers, festivals, company picnics,... He can customize his bubbling to fit the needs of the event. Maximum bubble size and flight direction are usually controlled by the weather. However, he is great at understanding the weather conditions to allow him to provide exactly what you want to the extent it is possible.

To schedule and pay Big Bubbler, see "ways to contact me..." lower on the left sidebar.

lighting for bubbles at night

I think the more lights the better. Neon and fluorescent being my favorite as the glowing tubes reflect well. Stage lights are great. Car headlights if the engine is not running are great. Flashlights can be awesome if your eyes are used to the dark. Even just fullish moonlight is a great effect once you are used to the dark.

Bubble Photography

In darkness with some lights, you get strange and wonderful alien spaceship effects. You get a lot of "tracers" from the slower shutter speeds needed by most cameras in the dark. Flashes (or bonfire glow on faces near the bubble can give great reflected deformed faces when caught at just the right angle.     To actually see the bubbles (instead of just the light reflections) in photo's taken in the dark takes quite a lot of light and then they are cool in a different way. They still have the flashing moving light reflections with less "tracers" and now you can usually see the ground and people around them"

When the ground is pretty dark and the sky glows from sunrise or sunset, bubbles really get colorful and easy to photograph and video. It is a magical time for bubbles with flowing rainbow colors. To see this at it's most colorful, get the darkest background you can, tall dark trees or buildings often work great.

Weather Control:

There are many ways to make bubble air better indoors and out. A line of misters/foggers suspended in the air upwind of the bubbling can make a curtain of cooling and moistening air cleaning. Inside big buildings that can be hosed down with water there is great potential, especially with big fans to control the air flow direction. Add a line or two of foggers to that and we might be able to do downtown in a city.

Fire hoses and water trucks are my friends. They are especially great when dusty dry ground can be watered upwind and at the bubbling location.

There are new foggers that run off a tractor PTO that could be an amazing tech toy for a serious bubble show. I have the tractor :-)

I also have a very big electric fan for making wind for Bubble Blizzard(tm) parties in low wind situations. If I added a good fine mist fogger to the fan it might be very helpful in some situations. I usually don't have my gear or the electricity or even a hose when bubbling. I mention it in case the right venue and a bubble-sympathetic opportunity comes along.

Bubble-mess issues

Bubbling my way is messy on the ground and can get people and things downwind soapy. I usually try to move pretty often as it is usually not too messy if you don't do it in one place very long.

How messy is "too messy" for the ground depends on the situation and the landowners preferences. I try not to soap up steep lawn as it gets dangerous for slip and fall. Same with hard flat surfaces like slick concrete or wood. Most "bad" places are fine if you are careful to avoid walking on them till washing them off (dry soap is hard to wash off so best done while still wet). I love grass. It absorbs large amounts with no apparent problems (after years of testing the same spots repeatedly). If it is a dry season, I would suggest watering heavily soaped areas within days just to feel extra safe. All the ground mess concerns can be addressed with plastic laid down and then covered with absorbent stuff like blankets/ carpet/towels. I can add this service if you need me to do it for a fee.

How messy is "too messy" for things down wind also depends on the situation. For instance, fancy cars, sensitive musical gear or people may have a very low tolerance for the mess getting on them. I have not really had people complain about it getting on them or their children, however, it is something to consider, especially if the people can't move out of the way due to disability or assigned seating or... I try to be especially careful about babies in carriages for instance.

What's in the Mix?

Formulas vary. I'd say primarily Dishwashing detergent and water. An example complicated formula can be seen here: Click here, then scroll down to the "Secret Formula" (the one with beer in it). It is a good formula when pretty fresh.

For those who want... The Big Bubbles

My really big free floating bubbles require special conditions to work. I'll explain in detail here. See the info on the sides if you don't really Need the biggest bubbles at your event. (Note: The regular daytime bubbles can be pretty large. Often, larger than any the viewers have ever seen before.) I will also provide (below): links to pictures/videos and to Big Bubbler's recent events/ ramblings/ internet miscellany and I will discuss Big- and Smaller- bubbling lesson options. In the left sidebar I will provide information about contacting me, scheduling a show and offer a chance to pay with PayPal. In the right sidebar, I will discuss Event Bubbling, lighting for bubbles at night, bubble photography, weather control, bubble-mess issues,...

How big I can make the bubbles depends on the air:

To make what I, Big Bubbler, think of as "big bubbles", we must have very moist and very clean air. This "big bubble air" is not usually available if, for example:

1) humidity (air moisture) is low because the Sun is out or your in a desert,... Or

2) things like factories, cars or fires are burning fuel upwind of the bubbling site,... Or

3) excessive dust, bugs, large raindrops, pollen, seeds,... are flying in the breeze.

The difficult nature of big bubbling is why it has not been seen by most people. If you really want to see it, then you have to find good air or make it. I'll discuss controlling the weather in the sidebar for those with the motivation/skills/budget for that approach. Finding good air is usually not all that difficult. A major part of my ability to make big bubbles comes from my ability to find the best air around. Often, the hard part is being able to schedule an event in advance for a reliable time and place (that people want to show up at). I should also mention here that even in good outdoor air, the air quality changes often. It is best to plan to bubble for an hour or more so that we are bubbling when the best "drifts of breeze" flow by.

When it works examples:

For these examples, I will assume we have chosen a location where the air is clean (upwind of cities, busy streets, etc.).

Moist weather:

We are looking for hi humidity (over 80% is best). Most of the Year in Oregon it's pretty moist. Often it is showery and you can get pretty good ones intermittently all day and night long. It is hard to plan in advance for  this season because if the rain drops get too large or it gets too windy or the sun comes out or we get a weather "inversion" in cold weather with lots of wood stoves burning or ..., then it might not work well. Rain helps clean the air of pollution, dust, bugs, etc. and so, I love some rain and a lot of showers. A large covered area can fix the large droplet issue.

Speaking of Wind:

I prefer a good breeze. The largest bubbles require about 10 to 15 mph airflow (you can run smoothly or skate or skateboard or ... at that speed if no breeze). I'm not much of a skater, so in low and no wind situations, I make donuts and other odd shapes that get very large and have their own artistic charm. Wind can be a concern if it gets over about 18 mph. I can often find a place with some protection from the wind if it is not over about 25 mph. If it's a little too windy, it is usually perfect for the Bubble Blizzard (TM) show mentioned in the sidebar.

Wind Direction:

Unless we control the breeze somehow (see sidebar) the bubbles go with the flow. If you try to put me on a stage with a 10 mph breeze headed backstage, I'll try to warn you about the problem. I can often find a place upwind of the crowd to float them from that is a good crowd pleaser. A solid wall like the side of a building can be great. The air flows up and/or around it and everyone loves it. Things like trees and wire fences that let the air flow through, are bubble killers. The best thing is when the flow is to the crowd when the crowd has room to move out of the path.

Summers in Oregon are dry:

Even so, big bubbling is usually still possible here for an hour or more just before the sun comes up. The reason the humidity is high at this time is complicated to explain, so I'll skip that for now. After "sunrise", if there is enough cloudiness to block direct sun light, the air can stay good until the Sun "burns" through and dries the air. This can add hours to the "bubble time". There is also, usually, a short time when the sun first shines on the bubbles when it still works and they are especially colorful and flashy. A Summer sunrise show is a pretty reliable one to schedule. In places with long dry spells, we do have to watch out for "wildfire season" (very late Summer in Oregon) as it can mess up places that are usually the cleanest air.

Coastal Air:

Along the West coast the sun often takes much longer to burn through the clouds/fog and so good bubble air is often much easier to find. Sadly, it is also often windy. A gentle breeze off the ocean is what bubblers dream of around here. Some of the biggest bubbles seen on You Tube are this sort of air. I am often extra happy to tentatively schedule a show in such a great place and then only perform if we get lucky with the weather. The Bubble Blizzard (TM) show mentioned in the sidebar is often a good backup plan.

Frozen Air:

Cold is usually a good thing as it increases the relative humidity and slows evaporation. Evaporation, by the way, is why dry air pops bubbles. Too much cold causes the water to fall out of the air as frost (instead of the dew I love). Long cold spells lead to very dry air until it starts to melt. When it first starts to melt and every icicle and icy tree starts dripping, the air could be as good as an ocean breeze :-).

Pop or Save the Big Bubbles?

Assuming a "Big Bubble" show is about the big bubbles as entertainment for a crowd, I encourage people not to pop them. Although, this is really up to the person who hires me (and the crowds desires). Even when we all agree not to pop them, I think it is O.K. for each person to pop a few if they want (preferably not the biggest ones and not until I have closed the bubble at my end). Also, in calm weather, bubbles usually fall to the ground when made. I feel it is O.K. to pop any bubble that is about to hit the ground.

"Fan" or Play With the Big Bubbles?

When the bubbles are falling to the ground, volunteers sometimes like to try to "Fan" the bubbles upward to Save them. At some shows, the "Fanners" are a big part of the show. This usually works best on bubbles smaller than a meter (3 feet) in Diameter. Many kinds of fanning tools are used including hands, paper plates, African woven basket types, painters tools, custom built bubble fans and battery operated fans. Personally, I think the best fanning tool is blowing up on the bottom of the bubble with lung power. Crowds can get quite excited when a fanner succeeds in saving a bubble. 

There are many ways to play with the bubbles besides popping or "fanning". Blowing on them is fun as you really get see your affects on them. If you blow correctly, you can make "bubbles-in-bubbles". This often pops them, but when it works it is awesome. Some bubble mixes work better for this trick than others. The best place to blow is on the bottom where the bubble wall is thicker (and it makes the bubble go up). An interesting note: every time you blow a little bubble into a big bubble, you make the big bubble bigger by the amount of air in the little one. When conditions are good, you can blow many bubbles into a bubble for a very impressive display.

The biggest bubbles are often very fragile and pop if you mess with them at all. Sometimes the air is so good that you can get away with stuff like fanning and blowing bubbles-in-bubbles.


Scheduling a Big Bubble or Extra-Big Bubble Show:

To schedule a real "Big Bubble" show you should be aware of the complications mentioned above and contact me to set it up (see left sidebar). I am happy to discuss the details of your situation and try to give you an estimate of the size of bubbles I think I can make under those conditions. Also, be aware I never promise big bubbles will work. Unexpected troubles can occur. I am confident that I will do the best show the conditions allow. Usually even a show I would consider a failure will impress most audiences as the biggest bubbling they have ever seen.

Teaching Big- and Smaller- bubbling and Wand Making Workshops: I can teach many things related to bubbling and will generally try to squeeze in some science and other tips in any show. I like to teach bubbling and wand making.

Big Bubbling lessons requires good air. It is pretty easy to learn if you are tall enough (over about 3 and 1/2 feet minimum, the taller the easier) and have strong enough arms/hands. The hard part is keeping the wand from touching the ground or anything outside the bucket (to keep the wand and mix extra clean). Keeping the gear and mix clean is important to me and so students need to be willing to try to keep the strings on my wands from touching things. If they have their own wand and mix they can ignore this concern if they wish.

I can also teach "fanning", blowing "bubbles-in-bubbles", and whatever else interests you.

It is best (but up to who hired me) to schedule lessons before or after any "main show" (if there is one) as it is a distraction if done during. If before, those trained can bubble during the "show" if desired (assuming buckets of mix and wands are available).

If you want to have one or more people learn to bubble, buy an hour or more of "Teaching Bucket" time (see PayPal options in left sidebar). There is a one hour minimum on any extra bucket (and wand) I need to bring. These hours are inexpensive because this teaching time will happen during my "show time" and so you may want to schedule me for an extra hour or... so I'm not distracted during the main "show". Lessons can be one person at a time or buy 2 or more teaching Bucket hours and note how many buckets will be the most needed at any one time. With one teaching bucket, I can probably teach up to about 7 students per hour if they are all watching the lesson and take turns trying it. Less students per bucket/hour would allow each of them more time to bubble. For a big crowd on a smaller budget, I can teach a couple hundred people at once with just one teaching bucket if they all watch a few people learning and don't all get to try it.

Wand Making Workshops can be anywhere from a simple coat hanger type up to Extra-Big-Bubble Wand making sessions. Contact me for the details.


Link to Big Bubblers You Tube video experiments


Facebook link to Big Bubbler's pictures/ recent events/ ramblings and internet miscellany