Big Bubbler Entertainment

Hire Big Bubbler the Soap-Bubble entertainer and/or some of his troupe known as “The Mind-Blowers” to make your event(s) special!


You can pay for bubble entertainment here: . (If you are looking for bubble gear/products (not entertainment), here is Bubbler’s Shop :

Before You Pay for a show, please schedule your entertainment with Big Bubbler (Some ways to do that include: Messenger on Facebook: and Email (can be a slow reply if unexpected):

Before scheduling, please check out the various types of entertainment below and consider your location options.

A show at the Wet Rock Gardens flower farm in Springfield, Oregon ( is likely to be the most cost effective. Some info about the farm as a venue here:

Second most cost effective is a local park or other large lawn/field/… in the greater Eugene-Springfield area. Travel to other locations most anywhere in the world is possible. Please be aware, clean air with humidity is required for the largest bubbles. Ocean beaches with an onshore breeze, for instance, can be wonderful.

Some types of Bubble Entertainment:

Public/Private Events: We can add magic to most events. We usually bubble outdoors and have to work with natural breezes. Although it is difficult to plan our exact location and where the bubbles will fly in advance, we are experienced at choosing the best location(s) to meet the client’s needs and can usually react to the weather as needed.

The size of bubbles we can create and how long they last is determined by air qualities. The very biggest bubbles require the cleanest air and some moisture. When the air is not perfect we should still be able to make bubbles big enough to impress your crowd*.

An indoor setting is uncommon because what we usually do tends to be messy. With some advance planning most of the mess can be captured with ground cloth and carpeting. A facility that can be hosed down before, during and after the show could be great! We are happy to discuss indoor options if that’s what you need.

Bubble Blizzardtm parties: Great on a big lawn, mostly empty parking area or sandy beach where the kids can go crazy popping the bubbles.

Most any weather will work for this sort of show. Some wind (or a big fan) is actually Ideal for Bubble Blizzardtm parties. If we happen to have clean and moist air, the bubbles will be bigger. Light showers are usually OK (or great) for the bubbles. Heavier rain would require postponement, Rain-delay or a (large?) covered area.

Sunrise/Sunset Big Bubble Shows: For the biggest bubbles a “pre-sunrise” show is most reliable and provides extra-magical bubble colors when the sky begins to glow. Sunset can provide the same extra-magical colors, however, sunrise is more reliable for making the biggest bubbles because it is likely to have cleaner and moister air.

For the biggest/longest bubble “tubes” a wind-speed around 8 to 12 MPH is ideal.

Sunrise and sunset shows can often be combined with some of the nighttime bubbling discussed below.

Beach party!: Beach Bubbling is a specialty of ours. The air can be perfect (moist and clean) even during the daytime. Finding that perfect air at the beach is something we love to do. It usually takes some luck though.

Winds over 15 MPH or coming from a busy road (exhaust fumes) are common on the Oregon Coast. This can make us resort to smaller bubbles. Our “smaller” bubbles are usually still bigger than most peoples 🙂

Nighttime Bubbling is also wonderful: Photos do not really capture the wonder of floating night-bubbles with their dancing patterns and spots of light. Usually, in the dark, we would say the more lighting the better. It is good to have at least one bright flashlight.

Stage lights can be awesome. Points of light like Lasers are great and bounce around on the bubbles. Tubular, patterns, neon and overhead lighted surfaces can be even more wonderful. Opinions on the best lighting do differ at night, lol. Just moonlight does have a certain appeal.

As usual, air quality will determine the bubble sizes. Nighttime air is usually better than afternoon air (less dust/auto-exhausts from upwind and more humidity in the air). Later at night the air usually gets better and better until the sun rises.

*Conditions such as forest-fire smoke, big rain drops, insect swarms, dust storms and high winds can keep us from making bigger bubbles than most people make. We can sometimes find ways to work around or avoid these conditions.


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