Wet Rock is making products that promote people we think are cool enough to be immortalized in stone (mugs and such). If you want to nominate someone, see the details at the bottom of this page.

Bubble Entertainers. We have a few so far.

Rockhounding and Mining personalities. We don’t have any yet… I invited a couple so far.

And other groups of people we think are so cool it would make us look good to be associated with them 🙂 I have some in mind and will see if they are interested in time… WE may not seem cool enough yet for most of them, lol. I will work on that as well.


If you think you or someone you know would be a good fit among our personalities, please contact us or drop a text file explaining your thoughts and one or more photos here: For mugs a wide picture will be best (or 2 squarer ones). The starting shape of the photo does not really matter as we can crop the good part of the photo to the right shape (if the good part is wide). We don’t need professional photos, but pretty high resolution will probably be needed, especially if there is much cropping involved.

Some examples of groups we probably have great respect for include: Bubblers, authors of books on topics we think a re cool, Rockhounds, miners, musicians, performers, surfers, sailors, whitewater rafters, search and rescue folks, Flintknappers, Festers, festival vendors,… We are pretty easy to get along with and want to make our personalities happy they are here. We don’t make much money on the individual items we sell, so we have no current intention of paying anyone to do this. If you are super famous already and you think we would sell more than a couple dozen a year, we could consider raising the price on your items to make you some money on them.