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Massive Ice (freezing rain)Storm Jan. 13+

Freezing rain crushes farm trees, breaks irrigation/water systems and knocks out power for over a week. We were lucky because Wet Rock Headquarters had gas heat, gas water heat, a gas stove top and Cell Phones. Also, moving food from refrigeration out to ice chests worked well for most of the time due to the cold weather. The first few days and nights you could hear the trees and electrical infrastructure breaking in all directions. I saw flashes like lightning I assume were from exploding electrical gear. It was especially loud all night long with gun-fire like cracks and loud ice/branch-falling. I wish I had recorded the night sounds. We did not photograph everything as it was too dangerous during and rather depressing after. Here are some photos of the ice and damage:

Like everything on this website, all photos and text (c) Copyright 2024 Wet Rock Gardens.

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Fall is here for sure.

It’s gett’n Cold And Wet at the farm. We are still open after Halloween by appointment all winter. We have Apples, some small pumpkins, Some seedless grapes, Lots of Hazelnuts (aka Filberts) and a few Walnuts on the ground. There are probably a few flowers here and there. We will have a lot of “Greens”, Rosemary, Bay Leaves and miscellany for the creative designer all Winter. If you can, I’d wait for one of the many nice days to visit 🙂

The online “Shop” is coming along nicely. We have been adding new stuff regularly and some of it is really nice 🙂 The new line of “what’s your spirit animal ?” Cougar dresses crack me up every time I see them. To check it all out click the link above in the header.

Below is a some more examples including a Christmas-sy Dress and Cargo bag. Some Bubble stuff, A Ukraine Peace Dress, Duck and Beaver inspired Dresses, First Responder gear and a crazy new idea: “Free Dresses” you wear until you find someone to give it away to 🙂 Order deadline for delivery by Christmas is early December for most of the “print on demand” stuff.

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U-Pick September News: FLOWERS and Hazelnuts, Pears, Asian Pears, Aronia Berries, Apples, Bay Leaves, Rosemary and Blackberries happening now.

Plums pretty much over [EDIT: Lots of Plumbs still good if you like them sweet or plan to make prunes]. There may be a few Walnuts coming soon. There are some trees you can find by the usual “treasure hunt” method. You would need a customer-service appointment to access some of the Pears and Asian Pears and Apples. Everything can be paid by cash or check in the money box at the “Farm Check In” or in the “shop” here on this website using credit cards or PayPal.

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Big Bubbler, The Mind Blowers and Wet Rock Gardens had a great time at the Realms Unknown festival last weekend!

We all had a great time bubbling and flowering the Realms Unknown festival last weekend. We hope to see pictures soon on Facebook (some links below). If you are here to see the cool products we sell, you can click on the “Shop” above or here:

We do not yet have bubble wands or mix for sale online, but we do hope to get some wands up soon, so please check back if those interest you 🙂

If you want to share photos or videos or for anyone trying to contact the bubblers or Wet Rock Gardens flower farm or … Facebook is probably the easiest way, so here are some links:

Big Bubbler

Wet Rock Gardens

R. Kelly O’Neill