Big Bubbler and/or The Mind Blowers’ Entertainment



This listing is a way to PAY for Big Bubbler and/or his team of bubble entertainers to provide soap-bubble entertainment. Buying this item does NOT schedule a show. Once your entertainment is scheduled, please purchase as many of these $1 credits as needed to make the payment you intend to pay.

Information about the types of entertainment they offer:

To schedule entertainment please contact Big Bubbler:

Messenger on Facebook:

Email (can be slow if unexpected):

This listing does not include the backpack or other items shown in this product listing unless specifically negotiated as part of an entertainment package. Individual Big-Bubbler-related items for sale can be seen here:

Scheduled entertainment cancellation/reschedule policy page here: XXXXXX coming soon XXXXXXXX  The specific agreements contained in written contracts can supersede the specific provisions of the standard policies on that page.


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